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‘Hermle’ W1161-853

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8 day 4/4 Triple Chime movement, hammers behind, inserted cables:

  • cable driven with weights,
  • dead beat escapement,
  • 12 hammers behind
  • centre shaft: 53.2mm
  • automatic anchor
  • with shut-off lever
  • with second
  • 5 years warranty

(Grandfather Movement with plates 140mm x 200mm)

Movement and the following accessories:

  • Gong 12 rods 122/12 12x680mm including washers and screws (qty 1)
  • Weight shells diam. 60mm, brass polished with flat caps (qty 3)
  • Weight filling 3.5kgs. (qty 2)
  • Weight filling 4.5kgs. (qty 1)
  • Pendulum 114-270 L/C Polished, Luxus
  • Moonphase dial 280x390 aluminium polished brass colour, embossed moonarch and hemispheres gold printed numeral ring, black printed, with applied roman numerals, brass polished, second hand 48mm, etched corner, etched centre, moondisc 170m aluminum brass colour, with back plate and pillars 38mm long & with grommets
  • Hands Black Serpentine 120/86
  • Mounting Screw, nickeled Washers, Weight hooks, weight eyelet, weight knobs and chain rings.

Optional features available:

  • Calendar feature (calendar mechanism, moonphase dial and calendar hands)

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